Recording Original Music

Having been a involved in the Melbourne music community for many years, I thought it might be helpful to draw up a quasi-directory of all the local music stores, recording facilities, and teachers that I love! If you have a musical project you want to explore, or a recording dream you’d like to make reality, these are the people to get onboard.


Dean Luke - offers guitar lessons, tailored especially to more advanced guitarists, over the age of 18. He specialises in teaching classic rock-style guitar and will have you learning face-shredding riffs in no time.
Andy Harrison – offers piano lessons in Prahran. He is classically trained and specialises in improvisatory techniques, but happily offers lessons to piano players of all ages and ability. He has a wonderful, creative approach to learning piano.


Music Swop Shop – Filled with second hand instruments of every kind, this Melbourne music stalwart is an absolute dream. Seriously. I could spend all day in this place. It's north-side, in Elgin St, Carlton 3053.
Fretted Instruments – Just across the road from the Swop Shop, this is the place to go if you want a new guitar. The guys here are super knowledgeable and will happily talk shop with you for as long as it takes to find you the perfect instrument.
Bounce Audio – This place is right here in Prahran and is perfect for all your PA and studio needs. They also have a heap of gear available for hire. Very handy.
Store DJ — this one is a larger store throughout Australia, but I go to them regularly because they have a very up-to-date website, really amazing prices and a great store in Richmond full of helpful experts. If you need to buy a new microphone for practicing your live show, or want to start recording your own demos, this is the first place I’d go.
Casstape – I recorded my first ever EP on four-track tape, and this place saved my life. An online-only store, it's stocked with affordable CD spindles and cases as well as tape of every kind, you really can’t go wrong with this place for DIY recording and production projects.


Pots and Pans – I’ve worked with Joe Hammond at Pots and Pans before, and this guy is a miracle worker. He’s great at looking at your budget and time constraints and figuring out how to make the most of your music whilst staying true to what you want to express.
Headgap – A lot of DIY bands I know have recorded here and I’ve heard nothing but good things. Also just look at their gear list and try not to fall in love.
Becki Whitton — I’ve worked with Becki on a bunch of projects. She is on-demand in the Melbourne scene for her amazing vocal recording skills but is also a highly qualified mixing and mastering engineer who I would 100% recommend working with. She’s also an artist herself and is very sympathetic to how nervous it can make you feel to be in the studio trying to get that perfect take - she’s the most encouraging and supportive engineer I know.