1. You will receive an in-depth vocal diagnosis, and we'll have a quick chat about what you'd like to achieve.

Although this may sound scary if you're a beginner, there's really nothing to worry about! Think of a lesson with me like going to a voice-doctor. This first step is important as it means we can make lessons entirely tailored to your voice and what you'd like to achieve.

2. You will receive a tailored vocal workout.

This includes exercises to help you warm up and keep your voice at optimum health, as well as exercises that are particular to your vocal goals. Maybe you'd like your voice to sound stronger and richer? Or maybe you'd like more freedom and better high notes? This is the part of the lesson where we get your voice exactly where you want it to be.

3. We can work on a song.

Generally, unless you need some advice about what works best with your voice, students are encouraged to bring in a song of their choosing to work on. This means you can sing a song that you LOVE of any genre. It's also helpful if you can print off a lyric and chord sheet for your chosen song, or alternatively that you bring a backing track, so we can get straight to work.


Most students chose to have hour-long lessons on a weekly basis to maximise their improvements. However half-hour lessons are sometimes better for young students, or for those with busy schedules, and lessons on a fortnightly basis are also available for those on a tight budget as well as twice-weekly lessons for those preparing for a performance or exam.

The Studio


As above, it is recommended that you bring a lyric sheet and/or chord sheet so that you can be accompanied whilst working on your song. These are often readily available on the internet. If you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask. It is also recommended that you bring something to record your lesson with (eg., phone voice recorder, dictaphone or laptop), so that you can take home the exercises and practice them during the week. Also, if you are a performer who regularly performs with your instrument (eg. acoustic guitar), you are more than welcome to bring in the instrument to accompany yourself.

Terrence the studio cat is friendly and loves to listen to singing lessons.


Lessons are held in the Prahran, Melbourne area, in a fully equipped home-studio with a piano, instruments, wifi, speaker system, recording system and a comfy couch. However, if you are not able to attend lessons at the studio, you can also attend lessons online using Skype!


Please get in touch if you wish to take online lessons rather than regular lessons. I already have a number of online students around the world. All you need for an online lesson is a computer with medium to high-speed wifi, a webcam with audio and video (usually equipped on most laptops). Too easy!