I have been having lessons with Kat for almost a year now, and in that year I have been able to excel in confidence and in vocal technique. Kat is a brilliant teacher who really suits the lesson to each individual’s needs in order to improve. I’d definitely recommend her!
— Alice

+ What is your age range for lessons, and do you teach children?

I usually start teaching lessons from ages 12 and up, and you can never be too old to have singing lessons! For younger students I advise that 30 or 45 minute weekly lessons are ideal. Parents are always welcome to watch their child's lesson. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

+ Do you work with mainly beginners or advanced students?

Both! Singers at any level are more than welcome to come in for lessons. I have students who have never sung before, and I also workshop singers who are on tour who just need a little technical fine-tuning to cope with the demands of regular live performance.

+ What should I bring to my first lesson?

For more information about the studio and what to bring to lessons, click here.

+ What songs will we sing?

It's up to you! As a singer it’s always important to sing songs that you identify with and love, so that you can learn to really connect with the song. I’m open to working with songs of all genres, and students often like to work on songs they’ve written themselves. As lessons progress you can also learn to identify songs that align with your technical and performance goals as a singer.

+ When are you available for lessons?

The studio is open Monday to Thursday from 10am until late. To book a time, please get in touch!

+ What happens if I can't make a lesson?

That is no problem at all, simply notify me more than 36 hours before the lesson and I will be more than happy to rearrange! Please note the Kat Hunter Vocal Studio operates a 36 hour cancellation policy, whereby if you cancel within 36 hours of your lesson you will forfeit the lesson fee.

+ I am really nervous to sing in front of someone!

It can be a little daunting to come and sing for the first time, but don't worry! My friendly and relaxed singing lessons and chilled-out studio space will put you completely at ease.

+ Can singing be taught?

Absolutely! Although some people seem to have "natural talent" it is those people who work on their craft who become truly great singers. Singing, like most skills, can be mastered through careful practise. Indeed, everyone has the capability to learn to sing.

+ Do you only teach students in Melbourne?

No, I also teach students from around the world online! If you'd like to take online lessons, just get in touch.